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Rejuvenate Gym

Ladies Only Gym.

The 30 minute workout

Our friendly gym is a small and cosy environment where ladies can exercise at their own pace and capabilities while receiving personal attention and encouragement from the friendly guides. A place where ladies can unwind and meet new friends, whilst enjoying a complimentary coffee. Ladies you will love the armchair comfort, graded intensity levels and smooth motorised performance that takes the stress and muscle soreness out of exercise.

The unique system is safe for all ages, because muscles and joints are safely exercised without stress or impact. Each assisted exercise machine is specially designed to exercise more than one body part at the same time, halving the time it takes to see the results. Just two to three 30 minute sessions per week is all it takes to see great results.

Onsite we have a wonderful Beauty Spa where you can treat yourself to a relaxing treatment by our expert team.

Membership Options

£35 per month (Min 6 Months contract)

£50 Unlimited use for 1 Month

£375 1 year Membership

Classes free to Members 




‘30 minute assisted exercise sessions can change your life and the way you look’


BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS – Regular assessments/Measurements to chart your progress


Meet our team

Sue , Rebecca, Holly, Jane, Maureen, Andrea & Tracey

1. Look and feel more attractive

2. Live up to true potential, physically and mentally

3. Minimise and even reverse the effects of ageing (live longer)

4. Feel healthier

5. Feel happier

6. Tone and firm up

7. Reduce and control weight

8. Increase athletic skills

9. Help prevent disease including arteriosclerosis, heart, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes 

10. Assist the immune system and increase the bodies resistance to infections.

11. Improve flexibility and joint mobility

12. Have fun

13. Relax more, eliminate or cope better with stress

14. Achieve a better body

15. Rediscover a zest for living

16. Speed up recovery after injury

17. Make new friends

18. Increase endurance

19. Gain strength and energy to live to the full

20. Raise body metabolism, more lean muscle to control body fat

Why Join Rejuvenate Gym

Step and Row

Actions: Chest press, vertical row, and stepping.

Benefits: The Step and Row is a great cardio vascular exerciser. Its unique step, row and press action involves the upper body and works three major muscle masses, namely the back, chest and thighs. 

The Step and Row tones and firms all major muscles groups, develops coordination and burns excess fat. Cardio vascular fitness is improved, energy levels raised through strengthened heart action and increased oxygen supply to cells.

Hip and Crunch

Actions: Stomach crunch, back extension, hip flexion, hip extension

Benefits: The Hip and Crunch is a specialised stomach and lower back exerciser which firms and tightens the long rectus abdominis muscle with particular emphasis on the upper abdomen.

The knee to chest motion provides improved hip flexion and extension in addition to abdominal strengthening. The crunch movement effectively opens up the spinal vertebrae, relieving spine tension. The back extension extends the spine and strengthens the erector spinae muscles in the lower back.

The combined effects of the Hip and Crunch result in a flatter and firmer stomach, a stronger back and improved hip mobility.

Leg and Shoulder Press

Actions: Shoulder press, lat pulldown, leg press

Benefits: The Leg and Shoulder Press combines the effects of 3 conventional exercise machines. The lat pulldown is an excellent shaping and strengthening exercise for the upper back and the lattissimus dorsi muscles. The shoulder press strengthens the muscles of the neck and shoulders in addition to providing extra tone for the triceps. 

These two exercises are combined with the leg press which is a major strength builder of the quadricep muscles at the front of the thighs. Key benefits of the Leg and Shoulder Press include improved upper posture and more defined shape and strength within the back, shoulders and thigh muscles. Joint mobility is effectively enhanced in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knee joints.


Alternate Cycle Row

Actions: Upper and lower body cycling

Benefits: The Alternate Cycle Row combines a cycling movement for both the arms and legs. All major muscles and joints of the upper and lower limbs are mobilised along with the deltoid, trapezius and pectoralis muscles of the shoulder and chest. 

The Alternate Cycle Row is an excellent fat burner and a superb cardio vascular fitness machine. Acceleration on the Alternate Cycle Row boosts the heart and respiratory rate, increasing the oxygen transportation around the body. A great warm up machine.

Back and Abs

Actions: Sit up, back extension, knees to chest, hip extension.

Benefits: The Back and Abs exercises the superior and inferior end of the long rectus abdominus muscle of the stomach wall in addition to the hip flexors and the erector spinae muscles of the lower back. 

The sit up motion contracts the upper end of the stomach wall whilst the knees to chest action strengthens the lower end of the stomach and the pelvic floor. A back extension (hyperextension) movement then follows the sit up.

The Back and Abs effectively strengthens and flattens the stomach particularly the lower abdomen, mobilising the hip joint through a functional range also improves hip, knee joint mobility and lower back strength.

Torso Twist

Actions:Torso twist, and trunk rotations.

Benefits: The Torso Twist is a unique machine which exercises the waist the stomach and the lower back through 2 conventional waist movements. The external obliques are traditionally worked from above or below the waist through twisting either the upper body or the hips. The Torso Twist effectively exercises both muscle ends simultaneously as the upper and lower body twist in opposite directions. This motion not only provides a more effective waist exercise but also trains the internal obliques and the transversus muscles within the stomach wall. The double twisting action additionally strengthens and increases mobility in the erector spinae muscles in the lower back. Effectively narrowing the waist, firming and flattening the stomach and strengthening the lower back.

Stretch and Tone

Actions:Pullover, reverse pullover, hip flexion, hip extension. 

Benefits: The Stretch and Tone provides intensive hip and buttock exercise whilst stretching and toning the pectoral and intercostal chest muscles also tightening and toning the triceps.

The unique lower body action strengthens, tones and firms the gluteal muscles stimulating rapid inch loss from the hips buttocks and tummy.

Stretching the pectoralis medius muscle on the upper chest can effectively correct shoulder droop and will firm, lift and expand the chest. This will increase the vital capacity of the lungs enabling more oxygen to be processed. Hip joint mobility and upper and lower posture is also improved with use of the Stretch and Tone.

Arm and Leg Curl

Actions:Bicep curl, biceps extension, reverse curl, tricep pushdown, upright row, reverse row, leg extension, leg curl.

Benefits: The Arm and Leg Curl is an advanced multi-functional machine combining 8 different functions that exercise six different body parts. Upper body functions include an arm curl and bicep extension combination for the front of the upper arm. A change of grip gives a reverse curl and tricep pushdown for the back of the upper arms. An upright row and reverse row for the trapezius and neck muscles is also possible as is a leg extension for the quadriceps and a leg curl for the hamstrings. The leg curl is particularly effective at tightening the gluteal muscles of the hip.

Combined functions develop shape and strength in the arms, legs and shoulders, improves posture by working the rhomboidus muscles and improve joint mobility in the shoulders, elbows and knees.

Chest and Thighs

Actions: Incline fly, seated row, hip abduction/adduction.

Benefits: The Chest and Thighs combines the movements of 4 conventional exercise machines. The upper body action utilises an incline fly motion for the chest along with a rowing exercise for the posterior deltoids and rhomboidus muscles of the shoulders and upper back. Simultaneous leg movements exercise the aductor and abductor muscles of the hips and thighs. 

Key benefits of the Chest and Thigh machine include improved shape and strength in the chest and shoulders, firming and toning in the inner and outer thigh areas. Hip and shoulder joint mobility is effectively improved.

Step and Flex

Actions: Side bend, leg step.

Benefits: Involves upper and lower body, including the buttocks, shoulders, back, arms, chest, legs and core stabilisers. Rectus abdominis, external and internal, obliques and erector spinae (lower back).

This combination of major muscle groups works the heart and lungs helping to raise energy levels and increases oxygen supply to the bodies cells. Additionally co-ordination is improved, the heart is strengthened, metabolic rate is increased, which makes for a good fat burning exercise combination.


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